Thursday, January 2, 2014

Miniature Mushrooms

Miniature red mushrooms, polymer clay
I made a handful of miniature "toad stool" mushrooms. They do not take any special skills, just patience. All you need to make these is:
  • Red and white polymer clay
  • scalpel 
  • brown chalk (optional)
After rolling out a bunch of red balls, I used my scalpel to attach stems and add in all the details (don't forget to make some little cuts in the bottom of the stem).
polymer clay miniature mushroom making

miniature mushrooms
Currently it is -30 degrees outside and I am placing little mushrooms on trees with my bare hands like a crazy person. Urg, this picture dose not look that great either. But why even make minis unless you can take cool pictures with them?

I think I will make a little wooden crate and fill it with mushrooms. Then glue a magnet on and send it to Elo in Vancouver. Elo likes picking wild mushrooms.
miniature muchrooms


  1. Stumbled on your blog, and love it! See you never know who might be reading? Good luck w the gardening, miniature-making & blogging. My 8yo daughter really wants to try making a mini cake, and I'm indulging her crafting bug. We'll see how it turns out. Shannon from Sacramento

    1. Hi Shannon from Sacramento,

      Thanks for commenting! You and your daughter should give polymer clay a try. It comes in amazing colors and it is super sturdy after baking.




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