Sunday, April 13, 2014

Almond Carrot Cake Recipe (Mini Style)

miniature almond carrot cake

Carrot Almond Cake 

  • Sculpey Premo
  • liquid translucent Sculpey
  • scalpel,  toothpick, circular lid
 1. Condition and mix the clay layers. The icing is white and translucent and the cake is a mixture of orange, brown and translucent. Make sure the cake layers are much thicker than the icing layers. Make sure to chill the clay before you cut the slice out!
 2. Use the tip of the scalpel to fluff up the clay. This will take longer than you think. Sometimes if I am making a few cakes at once, I go cross eyed and want to vomit.  Then take little flakes of bright orange clay and mix it into the "dough". Note: these are your carrots ;)

 3. Use a mixture of white Sculpey and liquid translucent Sculpey as frosting.  I threaded a head pin through one of my slices. Well.. that is a lie. I threaded head pins through both but Fed up the other slice so bad in the process.
4. Make the toppings. For almonds I make a cane that is white-translucent on the inside and brown on the outside. Roll it really thin then pinch one side. I bake it for a minute then use a blade to cut out super thin slices.

 5. Bake for about an hour. Serve with ice cream.


  1. thank you so much!!!! i will try it with my daughter and let you know how we did it!!!!

  2. Stunning. Absolutely wonderful cake'.



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