Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Dollhouse Ottoman

Bees sure are getting lazy these days!

This month at the MEKA (miniature meeting) we got a goodie bag. All the little bits you need to make a miniature 1 inch scale ottoman.

Step 1 (What you need):
The goodie bag contained some foam and some small pieces of wood. (I already stained and glued some of the pieces below).
Bits to make a miniature ottoman
All that was needed to assemble this ottoman was some glue and a tiny piece of fabric. Ok.. got the glue, now for the fabric. I did not have a single scrap! I tried cutting up a table cloth. It looked terrible. Then I tried cutting up a sock. It was not really that clean when I held it up to the light and kind of thin. Then I looked at the cat toys... the catnip pouches are bright and have tiny patterns on them. PERFECT!

Very potent catnip pouches
Even after I dumped the catnip out, they still smell like the herb.

Step 2: Glue the wooden base to the foam square.
Gluing a wooden base to the foam.
Step 3: tape the fabric to the foam block.  Make sure it is tight and do the corners like you would wrap a present. If you suck at wrapping presents, you will probably suck at this too.

Tape the fabric to the foam. I used tape because I was afraid of glue. ...

tape the fabric to the cushion
Step 4: glue the legs to the base. You should use wood glue. I did not. I was impatient and could not find the wood glue.

Gluing on the legs.
Step 5: Put it all together. I sanded the base to the exact size of the little frame. They fit right in together without the use of glue.

DIY dollhouse ottoman

All done!. DIY Dollhouse Ottoman made from a catnip pouch and bits and pieces.
DIY dollhouse ottoman
Bees sure are getting lazy these days!


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