Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas Break Miniatures

polymer clay bread, eggs, cured meat and lemons. ohhh my bread is getting good!
Over the Christmas break I sacrificed basic personal hygiene for the love of mini making. Ok well, I was at my parents house where I revert back to a 5 year old that refuses to shower and claims all food (including milk poured into a glass) tastes better when my mom makes it for me. I also sported snow pants on every venture outside the house.
salmon roll and shrimp (polymer clay)
Anyway, I have been on a bit of a cake and sushi kick (see Lemon Cake blog here). I think the shrimp are looking OK. People can recognize what they are.. so that is a bonus. Although a few people asked me what this was:

Extra globs of clay that I stick sharp things into so that I do not accidentally stick them in my fingers.
It is just a glob of clay that I stick pins into. Are my clay foods that bad that this could possibly be mistaken for a cake or sausage or bird of paradise? 

Check out how to make a sushi roll here (Sushi Roll)

Quick Shrimp Tutorial

polymer clay miniature shrimp
miniature polymer clay sushi
I also attempted a mini gingerbread house. I sort of lost interest part of the way through though. I think a mini gingerbread church with stained glass windows would be fun (use translucent clay for the windows).

polymer clay mini gingerbread house
I think I made the house too big. Also it might be wise to bake all the pieces separately then glue them together. Actually I have no idea. I did bake the shingles before cutting them. They turned out a lot nicer that way.

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  1. A great clay'cation it seems ;) The sushi looks amazing!



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