Sunday, November 11, 2012

Geekery (Polymer Clay Super Mario Magnets)

Super Mario Magnets with Polymer Clay

These magnets are about an inch in diameter. They are pretty easy to make and only take a few colors.  The star and cloud look dirty and wonky if you seem them up close. You would think that a cloud and star would be the easiest to replicate. A star is surprisingly hard to make symmetric. And white clay is impossible to keep clean. Every fabric fiber in my apartment is drawn into the white clay by some annoying unexplainable force.  Lets see, you need:

  • Polymer Clay: green, red, white, black, yellow, brown, beige
  • Magnets: I buy ugly magnets from the dollar store them SMASH them with my meat hammer/tenderizer to get the magnets out. (note: do not attempt while hung over or you may smash your finger due to impaired reflexes... o_O).
  • Glaze: I like the toxic Sculpy glaze for these. It is super thick and smells like murdering brain cells.

** also as a side note, why is centering these pictures so hard. I am giving up.. urg!
super mario polymer clay magnets.

Maybe I have one too many fridge magnets. ...


  1. Super cute! Did u do a step by step of what shapes made what? I'm pretty sure I can wing it though ;) was thinking of a set of Mario & a set of Minecraft for my 9 & 14 yr olds.

    Oh & u can NEVER have enough magnets on ur fridge (just ask my 3yr old!) lol

    1. Minecraft is a great idea! So far I have made these and zelda magnets

      Sorry no step by step. I usually just pull up a picture and wing it. I try to make them all about the same size and nice and smooth. Good luck!



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