Friday, May 3, 2013

Miniature Dollhouse Sushi

Polymer clay miniature sushi
Last night I made some mini sushi. Check out these california roll cane and salmon tutorials for extra inspiration. I used them to help figure out how to make these.

California Roll Cane: I used the tutorial (linked above) to help guide me. The main "ingredient" is the rice canes. The rice are translucent clay wrapped in a mixture of white and translucent mixed together. After you have the rice, make some vegetable clay worms to put in the middle of the roll.
After I rolled out and cut the mini California rolls I used a pin to texture them.

Salmon: To make the salmon I layered white and orange clay. Both the orange and white have translucent mixed in.  After it is layered I mushed and stretched it until it looks like salmon. I also smear the white lines to make them look less perfect.

dollhouse miniature sushi


  1. Ohmygosh that salmon looks so glossy and real!

  2. Wow. I like how you explained everything. It really gave me a perspective that will (hopefully) allow me to attempt this myself.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. They are just so cute it make me want to cry a little bit



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