Arcly and Elo

This page is supposed to be about the two of us. I will describe Elo to you since she only blogs once a year and already made her annual contribution.

ELO (as written by Arcly)
  • very smart and funny
  • loves vampire diaries (eww)
  • is super fit (runs half marathons)
  • sucks at blogging (most posts are mine)
  • Just moved to Vancouver, BC in August, 2012.

ARCLY (as written by Elo)
  • is doing her PhD in biomath at Queen's and lives in Kingston, ON with Canada's worst criminals
  • likes little things.  She is also little
  • is armed and dangerous
  • is really good at blogging (most posts are hers)
  • drinks out of mason jars because Elo showed her how awesome they are
  • is sassy and smarter than most people you know
  • my (Arcly) professional webpage
Yoho National Park (Arcly on left, Elo on right)


  1. Do you have a Facebook page where I can follow you

    1. Hi Romina,

      Sorry no facebook page. Thank you for your interest though :D



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