Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dollhouse Table for $1

For about $1 I made a cute dollhouse table.  I went to the craft store and bought a big bag of scrap wood parts ($5). It came with about 15 pieces of round, oval and square pieces of wood. Then I bought some wooden small candle holders ($1 for 4). OK OK.. so I bought all of this stuff for $6. So I am a big liar. BUT, I can make at least 4 tables with these supplies.

table supplies: glue, wooden small candle holder, wooden craft shapes and white latex paint.

You need (ingredients....?) : 
  • glue (wood glue if you have it, i did not want to spend the extra couple of bucks)
  • candle holder (wood) and a saw if you need to cut it to the right size.
  • round, oval or square wood pieces (dollar store or craft store)
  • white paint (I used left over latex indoor wall paint) and a brush. 

To make this little table all I did was:
  1. Using a saw, trim the candle holder to the right size (it looked a little too tall to me).
  2. Glue the candle holder to the middle of the round piece of wood and let it set over night. 
  3. Give the "table" a light sanding.
  4. Apply the first coat of paint. Let it dry, and then sand it one more time. 
  5. Apply the final coat of paint. 
Dollhouse table with winter squash and pumpkins
White round dollhouse table

dollhouse citrus cakes
 These cakes just look ridiculous. They are in desperate need of a cake stand or plate. I have a feeling that pretty soon my little apartment will turn into a rat maze of dollhouse miniatures. Pretty sure it is unavoidable at this point. I can't see myself actually buying a dollhouse. That would be expensive and not my style. My apartment is pretty small... maybe Ill just turn it into a dollhouse. Everything will be miniature. I'll invite people over and act like nothing is peculiar. "Go ahead Elo, take a seat at the table, I will get the tea"  

little cakes on a little $1 table

Two more ideas for my next little table projects:

  1. A bar style table. I will leave the candle holder the size it is, paint it a glossy black, and then make a "granite" counter top out of polymer granite colored clay.
  2. card table for poker night. Same as in this "tutorial" but I will paint the table a dark glossy brown and then attach a piece of green felt to the top. 

I think if I make the second table I will leave it out over night with little pieces of cheese on it. I think it would be just adorable to see a little mouse eating off of it. Perhaps he will bring a little spool to sit on too. That is possibly a situation that will go from cute to gross pretty fast though (ie. 1 mouse = cute, many mice = infestation). 

house mouse poker table.
Dollhouse Table
Dollhouse winter vegetables


  1. oooh your craftings make me so happy! I have a silent love for miniatures, I had my own dollhouse when I was little and saved a lot of my makings from back then..

    recently I made a small dollhouse chamber from an old shoebox for old times sakes ^^ maybe an idea to store that lovely table of yours in?

    thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks :). I may have just gotten my mom to crochet me little pot holders. Its an addiction!

  3. Wow thats really cool, hey you could probably make a dollhouse pretty inexpensively with old shelves or something. Love the tiny vegetables too!

  4. Wow... this is really nice!

  5. OMG I love the cakes! You have such an eye for detatils! I guess that's a required quality if you're a PhD in math... :)

  6. haha... Thank you for the comment. My cakes have gotten a lot better from my first few attempts, which just looked like cylindrical blobs.



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