Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fruits of labor

Greens anyone?

for the past two nights we have enjoyed sauteed greens. Kale, chard, beet greens, herbs and shallot greens (they have bite) fresh from the garden, sauteed in olive oil, butter with garlic.

fresh kale and swiss chard
Each leaf had to be individually washed
Because this is an organic garden (eye roll) my kale and chard are full of bug bites and bugs... and dirt. So it is quite the pain to wash each leaf individually. But it is so worth it. Fresh, tastes so much better. You can really tell the difference. I pick the greens no more then an hour before dinner.
Washed and chopped
I planted my beets way too close together. When I thin the beets I keep the sweet stems and tops for salads and such.

getting fried up
And the blackberries are starting to become ripe.

Wold blackberries
Unlike the store bought variety, these are quite small, full of seeds and packed with flavor. Pretty soon I will be making gooseberry and blackberry jam :)

Tonight we will have beet greens and fresh peas in a salad.

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