Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally some good weather

May and June were not particularly nice months in Calgary. But the weather in July has turned, and it's been boooooo-tiful. I live in my parents basement and now I do the work day grind, so I don't get out much. And I really don't do anything to creative these days. But, here is a little update on life.

We made pizza on the BBQ. Felt very summery. Roasted eggplant (that I picked off 'cause that s$%t is gross, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, carmelized onions, and Calgary's own Spolumbo's sausages. Mmmmm. Also.... still don't know how to do captions.

We also went on a hike in the Ghost, which is the foothill area just to the NW of Calgary. A really different area than the full mountains. Really beautiful, with none of the crowds. We hiked up to a lookout, then got rained on and went back down.

We took Mr. Poopy with us, so here a bunch of doggy photos:

Yep. He's the cutest puppy in the world. And he had a blast. He didn't pee until we got back home and he could go in his alley. Dog's just like the rest of us, would rather use his own toilet.

Today we went to Nanton, which is about an hour south of Calgary. There are blacksmiths there, lots of antiques and a big model railway which was too expensive so we didn't go it. I went with these fine folks, my favorite peeps in the world.

Yep. I assume that when I get used to long working days where your work actually matters to people and your supervisor actually remembers you are alive I will have more energy to do creative things. We will see.

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