Saturday, December 10, 2016

Schoolhouse chair makeover

I bought the chair on the left for $3 at a church sale. The church burned down a few months ago and they were raising money to rebuild and I cashed in! :D.  I also got a vintage typewriter table too.

I would say the chair is at best marginally better and I am hesitance to say the final product was worth the effort.

Total cost was less than $15. I borrowed some sand paper and some base coat spray, and then bought a $5 can of 'regal blue gloss' spray paint and got the seat cushion for around $4.50 from IKEA.

Unscrewed the seats and sanded the chair down
Archeological find. Gum so old it crumbled to dust. 
Letting the paint dry over night. Note the little feetsies are taped up. 
And finally....

The finished product. 

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