Sunday, December 4, 2016

Alex and I do Frontenac Park

In early September Alex and I spent three days in Frontenac Park.
Frontenac Park
Frontenac park is a short drive from Kingston ON. I felt like a pro during this trip because 1) I did not have to carry the canoe and 2) I had all the Donald Lake loop experience from the week earlier. Speaking of which, I distinctly remember Elo telling me that she would carry both the canoe and me on that trip, which did not happen. I was forced to do an almost equal amount of lifting on that trip.

Alex and I did the outer loop of the park. Each day took about 3-4 hours of canoeing and portaging, and the portages were all quite long. Lucky me, I did not have to pick up the awkward heavy canoe.

On Day one we paddled from Salmon lake to Devil lake. Devil lake had quite a bit of traffic, and our camp site was noting to write home about. Still, we had a nice fire and dinner.

On day two it rained. Oh boy did it rain. We packed up the tent in the rain, we paddled in the rain, we portaged in the rain. It was miserable. But, the campsite that night was great and after about 3 hours of work, we managed to get a fire going.

The final day was short and sweet, the portages were long and steep, but we managed.

Here I am carrying a proper portage pack. It has a head strap for support, that I am not wearing in this picture. Its terribly uncomfortable and lacking in support, and also not waterproof. BUT, it holds all our junk and means portages can be done in a single trip. 
Proper portage pack. I took the stuff and alex took the canoe. 
Some stud carrying a 60lb canoe. I can assure you he did not look so happy after 1000m. ha ha
The portages were long, but they were well marked and mostly clear. There were a few steep hills though.
pesto, pasta, sausages and rehydrated brocoli 
Buttermilk pancakes in the morning with real maple syrup and coffee 

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