Monday, September 1, 2014

Miniature Pizza (Attempt #3)

Miniature pepper, olive and mushroom pizza
This is my third attempt at mini pizzas. I think next batch I'll do another tutorial. I have changed my methods quite a bit since my first tutorial and I have a lot of ideas on how to improve too.
Miniature pepperoni pizza
I still need to work on making it look toasty. I also need to think about how veggies look once they have been baked. Ill make some new cakes for this .
Miniature Pizza out of Polymer Clay
 Below is my first attempt at pizza and my latest attempt.
Hawaiian pizza progress


  1. Your side by side photos are really interesting because you can see the difference and the progress!
    Your cheese looks really rich and gooey good. The ham and pineapple chunks look moist and your crust toasty and not as brown as in attempt #1. Well done! :D


    1. Thanks Elizabeth,

      I did not realize how much better my new attempt was until I put the pictures side by side. Practice really does help eh!?



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