Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer 2014 in Ontario

Some garden goodies. Potatoes, herbs and fresh garlic. Is there anything better?
Arcly garden yield, August 2014
I want to recreate this picture in miniature form now.

This summer has been very busy and I am looking forward to some guilt free down time so that I can make some minies. I just finished math camp (I am an organizer for Queen's U girls math camp), before that I was volunteering for the summer games and before that was Elo time and conferencing.

This year Elo and I paddled the French River in Ontario. (see proof below) 

Arcly and Elo 2014. French River
The canoe trip was really great. We had some okay weather and some really lovely scenery. The only problem was the ambush that happened right before dark. An unbearably thick swarm of mosquitoes would attack as soon as the sun went down. This forced us into an early slumber every night.
A hand model picking blueberries before she spills them and they fall into the cracks of rocks.
Wild blueberries were in season and just about everywhere we looked.
French River Provincial Park

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