Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some Second Attempts

Recently I have remade some projects for a second time. This includes the pizza, brisket and sushi.

The meat color is tricky. See my previous attempt for more details. What I changed was:
  • I added a little bit of translucent to the meat dough. I just chopped it in, not blended. 
  • With red chalk I added more to the smoke ring.
  • I added some brown chalk caramelized areas to the flesh. 
  • Darker crust (black chalk) and tried to make the edges of the slices sloppier. (with a tooth pick)
Brisket Magnet
Miniature Brisket
Miniature meat board with cornbread

 Here is my first attempt at pizza.  What I have changed is the sauce and cheese.

  • Now I make the crust then fill the entire base with tomato sauce. Making sure to spill some on the crust. Bake for 5-10min.
  • Then slop on some liquid cheese (liquid translucent, white and a little yellow). Also drape some cheese strings over the crust. You can brush chalk on these pieces to make them look toasted.  Finally add the toppings and any chalk detailing. 
Bad crust but good cheese and sauce details
I forgot to texture the crust with a toothbrush. It made a HUGE difference. It looks a lot less real.
Good crust (textured with a toothbrush), not great cheese
I have blogged about sushi a few times. The newest thing I have changed was the:
  • little seaweed wraps on the pieces of sushi.
  • More garnish. A slide of lime or orange and some wasabi (I used wasabi colored clay with a little translucent mixed in. 
Some miniature polymer clay sushi

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