Sunday, April 20, 2014

Miniature Pizza

Miniature polymer clay pizzas
I had a special request for a mini pizza magnet. I had never made a pizza before (not even a real edible one) so I started by watching  this tutorial . First of all.. the music on this video is adorable and makes me want to join hands with Pikachu and dance around my apartment.

Miniature Clay Pizzas:

Step 1: roll out a nickle sized ball of beige clay (mixed with translucent). Texture with a toothbrush then color with chalk.  Flip it over and roll up the sides.
Step 2: Add some cheese. Yellow-white-translucent clay. Make it look cheesy. :)
Step 3: Fill in the cheese holes with some tomato sauce (liquid translucent mixed with red chalk). I also added some toasted cheese marks with chalk. I think next time I'll do more of this. DO NOT ADD BLACK CHALK. It smears all over the place when you try to glaze it after baking.
Step 4: Add the toppings. This was actually a lot of fun. I would love tomato slices but every time I make a tomato cane it ends up looking like crap. Then bake and glaze. I think you should not glaze the bread.. I don't think bread should look wet and shiny...
Miniature Hawaiian pizza

Mushroom, bacon and olive miniature pizza

Every topping miniature pizza


  1. I think that your little pizzas are Yummy looking! Good work on all of them!


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I think that if the mini version makes you hungry than is it a success

  2. I'm totally impressed. The mushrooms are my favorite!

    1. Thanks for commenting Caitlin :). The mushrooms are my favorite too.



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