Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BBQ Platter (Attempt #1)

So, I have been meaning/trying to make a BBQ brisket platter for some time. This is my attempt #1.

Brisket is a grey colored meat with not much or any marbling. This means all the usual mini tricks cant be used. urg!



I started with a lump of pink-grey and mixed in equal parts translucent. Then I took pink/translucent clay and chopped in some red (as if I was making salami). I rolled this out thin and covered the grey/pink with it (this is the smoke ring).

Gross looking lump. Looks like a freshly removed tumor. Textured with crumpled tinfoil, brush and toothpick.
Color clay lump with brown/red chalk. Make the sticky out pieces darker.
Chill clay-> then slice. I textured with a toothbrush and then a pin.

As a side note, here is what the pastels look like. They are oil free pastels.
Investing in a pastel collection in key!


Yellow/translucent dusted with colored chalk

chill, chop then texture.


  1. Your work are amazing!! Thanks for share :)

  2. Wow. Bravo! You are very talented :-). I've never used chalk or pastels with polymer clay before. Time to bust out the fimo . . .



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