Monday, February 24, 2014

Salami and Bread Keychain

Here is a quick baguette and salami tutorial. 
bread and salami keychain
I have already blogged about bread before. Since then my bread has gotten a lot better. Of course there is still room for improvement.

First the Bread: 

To make baguettes I use a mixture of white and translucent clay and colored chalk. 

Step 1: take a mixture of white and translucent clay and shale it into mini baguettes.
shape the bread
Step 2: Color the mini baguettes with chalk.
make bread color out of oil free pastels
Use a fine brush to color the clay. Avoid coloring the textured slices/cut outs
Step 3: If you want to cut your baguette in half, put it in the fridge for a few minutes first. Cut through quickly with a clean bread, then texture the white exposed parts with a pin.
chill before slicing (this will prevent bleeding of the pastel color) and then texture inside of bread with a pin. Finally insert ring then bake.

And for the salami 

Step 1: Make the meat color and the fat colors separately. The meat is a combination of red and blue. The fat is a combination of translucent and white.
you will need translucent, white, and meat colors (red mixed with blue)

Mix the clear and white. Leaving it streaky is good.
Step 2: rip up pieces of the translucent/white and the meat color. DO NOT BLEND. You need to chop the colors together.
Rip pieces of the meat color and the white mixture up into a pile.
Use a blade to shop and fold the clay. DO NOT smoosh together!
Step 3: take the chopped clay and roll it into a log. TADA you have a salami/pepperoni cane !

Finally I rolled the salami in white clay (its pretty much just chalk) and sprinkled a little big of chalk on the baguette (flour) then baked at 275F for 30min.

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