Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Dog treats

I make these peanut butter and oat treats for the pups when I visit my parents.
Scout aka the eyeless fuzz monster

I think this is the original recipe  that I found.

Pretty much all you need is:

  • Oats (large flake)
  • Flour (any kind)
  • Water
  • Peanut butter
I used natural peanut butter but I would never usually do so (the sugary crap rolls out a lot nicer and tastes better for humans). My mom bought natural peanut butter because she knew I was making dog biscuits. 1) So I can eat "unhealthy" peanut butter but the dogs can't? 2) Ive seen the dogs eat rabbit poop outside (we call that blue label kibble haha), so...well I guess that is natural so... you win this one mom.

All you need to make dog cookies
I just wing it. Like I said, the dogs eat rabbit poop and the compost that is so ripe it literally makes me gag when I take it outside. I add twice as much flour than oats and two big scoops or PB. Then enough water to roll out nicely.

peanut butter dog cookies
I bake at 350F for 10-20min. Untill they are golden brown. If they don't eat them right away (haha yah right) I put them in a dehydrator for a few hours or even over night.  Then they store really well for weeks.

Hogan drooling (The Hogie Doge)

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