Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vancouver - Post 2 - Free Find of the Day

I am trying to grow the most epic balcony garden the world has ever seen, and eat well from it.  I have a glorious south facing balcony.  It's big and sunny and I am convinced that with some well placed cold frames I can grow food year round in this temperate climate.  Of course, buying soil and pots and seeds is apparently pretty expensive.  Lucky for me, they are putting in some kind of installation down the road called Viva Vancouver.  I am not sure what it is, but it seems to involve some kind of fancy seating and some landscaping.  
Free pots!

And lo! What is that??  Free pots, ripe for the taking??  And then... what is that??

Free soil!

A heaping mound of free soil!!  Yes!! The corner of Fraser and 44th - free soil for all! And pots!  Run now!  Perhaps Viva Vancouver can help you build an epic, free balcony garden, too.

My plunder.  Two buckets of soil and 12 ugly yet serviceable pots.

My garden, as she stands.  With 12 more pots and a heap of free soil, though, I'll expanding this in no time.

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