Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden Evolution

Last summer I started a vegetable garden at my parents house. I am never satisfied with its progress.  But it is satisfying to look back and see how much it has.... evolved. 

Year One:

Year Two:

and I already have lots of plans for next year.


  1. Nice! So, what did the garden produce this year??

    1. I made pesto last year. I named it "Carlys Toes Pesto" because that is what it looked and tasted like. ..

      This year I got a good haul of: potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, beans, cucumbbers and herbs and a few other things in less quantity. I still have to harvest the sunchokes in a month and my flying saucer squash shoulf be ready about now. Ohh and my goji berry plant produced a bunch of berries!! I was really excited about that.

      Can you ever get a second batch of radishes? My first batch is always great, and the second batch never forms a fleshy yummy tuber.



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