Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garden Year Two

Its March and the weather has been beautiful here in Ontario. My garlic, which I started in October 2011, has sprouted and is looking great. This is year two of my garden.  Surprisingly some plants survived the winter. The Thyme, oregano, parsley and sage are all still kicking.

Garlic Sprouting in March

The herbs I planted last year are amazingly resilient.

Oregano that survived the Canadian winter.
I have some big plans this year. I want to try growing some new things like watermelon radishes and peanuts. Last year I grew tomatillos.. turns out they do not taste great and take up a lot of room. Well, I already know I like peanuts, so what is the worst that can happen this year.  I also want to redesign the garden. I plan to make a raised bed for potatoes and a twig arbor for beans and peas.

AFTER: (start of year 2)
My garden, March 2011

Before: Me digging my garden out 2011

2011 (garden year 1) :Me digging my garden out,

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  1. Sweet! We're planning a big garden effort this year too. Keep us updated with all the things you plant :)



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