Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cake Platters

These little platters are fun to put together.  All of the food is made out of polymer clay and the little pieces of wood are very inexpensive. Some of these little cakes take me over an hour to make. I find the frosting turns out best when you apply a few layers, baking between each application. This takes a little time.  After 1-2 hours of work I usually drop the "cake" into a Tupperware and throw it in the closet never to be seen again.

I have seen dollhouse scale plates on etsy but I have not brought myself to buy any. I am so determined to make everything from scratch, but I have no idea how to make plates or a cake stand. I would really love to make a DIY cake stand! Anyway, I have found a temporary fix to my problem. I bought some very inexpensive wood pieces from a craft store. It was about $1 for 4, 3cm pieces of wood. Ok actually

1) this is a rip off but at least I didn't have to cut the pieces myself.  
2) For you Americans inches are a big mystery, I think 3cm is a tiny bit larger then an inch.

I stained a few of the wood pieces and left the others.. raw? (clearly not a carpenter). Then I made the extra little touches for each cake. For the carrot cake I made some carrots and a raw egg, for the chocolate cakes I made a chocolate bar and for the citrus cakes I made some little lemons and oranges. All of these extras take mere minutes but make such great props.

Dollhouse carrot cake
Plain chocolate frosting cake
Cherry chocolate dollhouse cake
Red Velvet dollhouse cake
Orange citrus chocolate cake

Cherry chocolate dollhouse cake
Orange lemon chocolate dollhouse cake
Carrot dollhouse cake
Cherry chocolate dollhouse cake platter
It is the extra little touches (chocolate bars, lemons, carrots and oranges) that bring these platters to life.  Here are some tricks I have picked up for the extras.

Carrots:  I bring the carrots to life with little dirt indents. The "dirt" is just brown chalk.

Chocolate: The chocolate bars are brown clay squares that I pressed with the back of a razor and then glazed.

Oranges: the orange is a little orange circle of clay that I textured with a toothbrush.

Lemons: there are a ton of youtube videos that can show you how to make these. Just search "lemon cane".

Cake Texture:  Older clay flakes nicer then new soft clay. I use a very sharp scalpel tip to texture the cake. I found a toothpick presses down the clay and just does not do the trick.

There is one problem though, I am running out of cake ideas.  :)


  1. How about making princess cakes like these:

    or a strawberry cake:

    They are my favourite cakes!

    1. Love both of them! The first one is such a weird color. I like how the fondant drapes off of them.

    2. The draping effect comes from covering the cake with marzipan instead of fondant :)

  2. How did you make the adorable cakes?

    1. Thanks for the comment :). I use polymer clay (Premo). It comes in every color imaginable and even comes in liquid form (for the frosting)



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