Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

This summer I lived at home, with my parents. We live in the country. I suppose you could say that. But really it is all relative. Here are some pictures from the summer.

Catnip Season
On the way to the barn

Bundling catnip with my dad

My Garden

Some hot peppers, blue berries, herbs and tomatoes
In the process of making blueberry jam

oven roasted tomatoes in the making

 I attempted to dry oregano and basil in my oven. If any of you have taken a plant ecology class you will know the smell of drying plant matter (oven drying to measure water content or biomass or some jazz). All you have to know is, it stinks! Also it takes about one hour of constant attention and it will smell like dust when you are done. ... How does clubhouse do it?

The Dog, if you can even call her that. 

I call this her dead hamster position
action shot, chasing wild turkeys.
The dog spends most of the day sleeping. I was terrified these turkeys would beat her up if she got close to them. How would her ego recover?!

Finally the porch 

the front room of our old farm house

It took over a month to scrape down the 100+ year old windows and repaint them in the front room. I think when I own a house some day I will just opt for no windows. Its easier that way.


Big Sandy Bay
Ok, this is not actually Kingston, it is Wolfe Island. There is a FREE ferry that will take you from downtown Kingston to the Island. This beach is nothing special. It is the only public beach on the island and often is covered in algae or dead fish (carp?) But I LOVE IT! You always have so much privacy, even on weekends. As long as you dont mind walking a couple of km, you can have the beach to yourself. Uh.. I mean never go there.. it is horrible!

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