Friday, August 26, 2011

Magnets with Clay

Making Mushroom Magnets out of Clay
Mysterious mushroom in my back yard

Usually I use Modeling Magic to make magnets. It is so easy. Assemble and done. Embarrassingly, my mom still buys my Modelling Magic. One day she could not find any so she bought me clay instead. After explaining to her that clay is NOT Modeling Magic and that she ruined my life... I gave it a try anyway. Turns out, the crayola air dry clay is really easy to use. The only trouble with it is, I suck at painting.

Clay little mushrooms made with crayola air dry clay
It takes a few days for these little guys to dry. I painted them with acrylic paint and then glazed them.

Once painted I super glued on some strong magnets. I think the superglue works better on the clay then it did on the Modelling Magic.

1 comment:

  1. CUTE! I can't wait to go out in the forest and pick some real ones :)



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