Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My new baby...

Hi all. Meet Thelma. She is a Mazda 3 and I love her.

She was so shiny at the dealership. She has a 2.0L engine, power doors and windows, a roofrack, a/c and cruise control, chemical protective coating, and nice mazda rubber floor mats and a cargo tray in the trunk.

Here she is at home. We have to clear out the garage so we can fit a second car in. I love her. What a profile.

She is a standard. I bought booster cables, a flashlight, and ice scraper, and microfiber cloth for cleaning her. Which is good because the first thing Rigel did was run his jowls along the side in a bit wet, slimy arc. He is never allowed inside.

The dashboard is pretty, and I have an auxiliary input for my ipod. Sigh. love love love. My dad suggested Thelma, and I like it. Think Thelma and Louise. She is going to be my partner on some awesome adventures that hopefully don't end in flying off cliffs. Ever.

Next paycheque: 3M tape on the front, and rubber covers put on the rear trunk lip.... whatever those things are called.

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