Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden Week Two

Week Two of my garden

Gardening is boring. And I am tired. On the left I planted two rows of tomatoes and some shallots, peppers and carrots. In the middle I have some herbs planted around the rocks and on the right I have some radishes, beets, kale, chard, peas and beans and cucumbers. Behind the garden to the left are some blueberry bushes and some mystery fruit bushes that sprout up all over the place. I will feed the mystery fruit to a friend before trying it myself.... In case it is sour. I hate sour fruit (green apples = gross).

I guess now I just wait and see what survives. Oh, and the on going battle with the ants. I found another ant hill occupied by black ants. SO MANY ANTS! Boiling them work but I have to boil water and tip toe outside carrying boiling water which is dangerous and time consuming. I sort of want to do the hill billy thing and pour gas on them and burn them. Mostly I have just been trying to relocate them onto other peoples property.

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