Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby Shower

Practice cake that I brought to school. Some sicko ate the dangling legs off the little bear.

Oh Boy, it has been a long long time since I have posted. I'm in the last (ish) year of my PhD and things are getting intense. I taught my first course and I have been working on papers and have had no time for mini making (until last week).

A good friend of mine is super pregnant! (I think that is what it is called when they look like they are about to pop).  I helped throw her a baby shower. I had never been to a baby shower so I didn't really know that I was doing. So, I just took the opportunity to shove my crafty talents in other peoples faces :).

I made a cute bear fondant cake. Note: fondant is gross and is more rind like than food like. Above is my practice cake. It turned out well (better than the actual cake). When it came to making the actual cake things did not go as well.

Fondant+Gum paste bears
I made the bears a couple days in advance. This seems to be very necessary. It dries them out and makes them hardier. Otherwise their little heads and legs tend to pop off.. which is not ideal.

I also made little party favors for the guests. Each bag had a miniature cake magnet in it as well as something sweet (cookies). I tried making salted caramels, but they turned out too soft. Why are caramels so hard!!!

Miniature cake magnets in the works

 ..sorry for the potato. I used my moto G to take the pictures. It takes pictures as well as that shoe box pin hole camera I made in grade 10 does.


  1. Hi Arcly! I must commend you on a such a Lovely Baby Shower cake! I know that it must have taken a lot of work to plan and then make this cake and also the party favors too! I have no clue about making fondant but your little bears take the cake! :D Your crafting skills have stood you in good stead. Brava! :D


    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! The bears are a lot easier than miniatures once you get the "dough" texture right.



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