Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A few new magnets

 Just some magnets I made for a friend. I spend a good chunk of Sunday making these. I mostly use polymer clay. I add color to the clay with chalk (the trout is translucent clay colored with chalk), some wood scrap pieces, glaze and glue.

2. Popsicle stick crate filled with fall vegetables (potato, gourds, baguette, mushroom, corn and turnips)
3. Baguette and tomatoes
4. Bread, eggs and baked beans
1. Trout on ice with lemon.

I am still working on the dead fish. I havent quite figured it out yet. I think the head of the fish is important and I have not quite got the knack yet. I also got a request for octopus magnets. So that will be my next attempt.

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