Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gabriola Island

Last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go to Gabriola Island and stay at a friend's fancy cabin.  Gabriola is just a 20 minute ferry ride out of Nanaimo, BC.  
Location of Gabriola Island, BC.

If you are on the west coast, I strongly recommend you check out Gabriola.  The place is amazing!  Real west coast vibe (aka rich hippy central), amazing scenery and sea life!  There was even bioluminescent algae.  If you have never seen it, imagine that if you stir the water it sparkles like... sparkles.  It's incredible! We went swimming in it and it was so worth the cold.  
These are starfish.

Put 'em up.
There were so many different types of starfish.

These rocks form through salt crystal growth.

More starfish! Can you believe it!

It's really just a beautiful place.

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