Sunday, March 17, 2013

Geekery2 (Polymer Clay Zelda Magnets)

polymer clay Hyrule shield
I just spent an awful amount of time making a miniature shield. It probably took 3 hours to condition the clay and cut out all the pieces with a scalpel. If I wanted to make miniature shields for a living I would have to sell them for $100/shield to make it worth my time! Oh, and some how find a miniature shield market.  On Etsy I just saw Hylian shield earrings, the size of a penny, selling for a couple bucks. Either that person pays themselves a sweatshop hourly rate or I am doing something wrong and there is a much easier way to make this shield.

To make this shield I needed:
  • Polymer clay (blue, silver, gold, red)
  • Glaze 
  • Scalpel for cutting out the shapes.

Hylian shield out of polymer clay

Polymer clay Zelda magnets.

If I ever try to make this shield again, I will make a cardboard template first. I would also roll out the clay then chill it. My sweaty giant hands tend to turn clay into soup while I am trying to work with it.

N64 controller and Zelda magnets

In total I made a Hyrule shield, rupees, the blue cucco and the magic beans (above).

Miniature Shield Model

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