Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miniature Baguette Keychain

Yesterday I made a miniature baguette. This must be the most useless hobby. Here I am, a poor hungry grad student, and I am making fake miniature food. Anyway, I think the bread is looking good. Of course it could always be better.

To make these useless things you will need:
  • white, translucent and beige polymer clay.** EDIT (no beige..just white and trans..looks much better)
  • oil free pastels (yellows, browns ***EDIT and white for flour dusting)
  • knife, toothpick and paintbrush
Clay is usually about $3/packet (here in Canada), and at an art store you can pick up pastels for about $1 a piece. I had a hard time finding good oil free pastels. With these supplies you could easily make 30-50 baguettes...

 STEP 1: First mix the clay together on the math bio text book you only reference on occasion. I use about 1:1:1 ratios. That is a lie, I just use whatever.

 STEP 2: Shape the clay into baguettes. Make little triangles with the toothpick. 

 STEP 3: mix some pastel together to make a bread color. You need yellow or it will not come out looking nice.

 Take a paintbrush and brush the pastel (its more like colored chalk) onto the clay. Leave the triangles color free.

 STEP 4: bake for about 30min. If you want to make a key chain insert a ring before baking.


  1. Hi!

    Found your blog Googling for "Keychain baugette" and I think it looks so good!
    I underastand that this is a Three year old post, but I just have to ask.
    Is it any possibility to buy this from anywere?

    Pia, Stockholm, Sweden

    1. Hi Piha,

      Thanks for commenting. You should try making it! It is not too hard. Also you can try Etsy. Ive never sold any of my stuff. I just give minis as gifts, whether people like it or not :)



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