Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Plant Marker (attempt #1)

I have been thinking about making plant markers with polymer clay and dollhouse food techniques for a while. This is my first attempt. It needs a bit of work! ...

I used Sculpey polymer clay and brown and green chalk. You can find both at an art shop.

Step1. First I started with the plant marker base. I tried to make it look like a plastic cutting board.  
I rolled over the surface with the textured part of my scalpel.

Step 2. Next I made the acorn squash to go on the "cutting board". For the squash I used a little ball of green clay and a tiny piece of yellow.
rub the yellow into the green to create a smooth transition of colors.
use a toothpick to widen the segments and open up the top for a stem.

attach a stem and dust the squash with some dark green chalk.
two dollhouse sized squash.  the one on the top has been brushed with dark green chalk. I think it makes it look more natural.

Step 3: attach some other details like leaves. I immediately regretted dusting it with brown chalk (dirt).
ready to go in the oven.

Step 4: write squash on it (I did a terrible job) and put a little glaze on the squash (you can use clear nail polish).
Plant marker for an acorn squash.
I also need to work on the sick. I should get some metal ones and bake them into the clay. Also making an opened squash would look good. And a wooden base. and I need a new idea for writing the plant name.
squash plant marker

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