Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Veggie Magnets with Modeling Magic

Here are some veggie themed fridge magnets that I made out of Modeling Magic. Modeling Magic is a Crayola child/baby product that I buy a lot of. It comes in primary colors and mixes easy, just like plasticine and other clay-like products for children. The great thing about Modeling Magic, which separates it from the others, is that it is SO light. It air dries and weighs next to nothing. This is great for making magnets. They can actually support something besides their own weight.

And here is the second set:

To make these it is quite simple. Mix the colors together, shape the Modeling Magic into veggies and then let is dry. The longer the better. Then I glaze them (clear or shiny-clear glaze). Lastly I stick on a magnet with Super/Krazy...etc glue. I have ruined a few magnets by gluing them to my fingers and having to sacrifice them for finger freedom.

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  1. This is a cute idea! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at



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