Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Mini Pizza Take Two (Slices)

Miniature polymer clay slices 
Okay, I think I'm back in the mini groove...whoot whoot. Some local hero suggested I make mini slices, and I LOVE the results. Again I was shocked by how long they took. I distributed labour by making a bunch of toppings first (night one), then on the second night I made the dough and sauce and topped the buggers.

Clay toppings and "sauce". On the bottom left we have the tomato sauce, bottom right the cheese. Above we have the peppers, olives, pepperonis and red onion.  

I changed a few things since my last post. I used an old pepperoni cane (its more red) I also changed up how I made the sauce. Now Im mixing red+brown clay in with the translucent liquid clay AND adding some red chalk dust. I left the sauce chunky, but blended the "cheese" well.
Green pepper cane. The cane is made up of a translucent+white inner, translucent + a tiny bit of green middle, and a green outer. After cutting a slice I cut out three holes in the middle, then shapes it into a pepper (cur out the middle and shaped the outside). 

Before and after toppings (pre baked)

After I bake the minis I glaze them. This time I used the Sculpey brand clay glaze and for the toasty cheese bits I used glaze + lots of light brown chalk dust.
Mini clay pepperoni pizza with slice 
Mini clay pizza slices



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