Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Dollhouse Spiral Stairs

How do you know if something is living in your plant?

Here is a quick blog (mostly for Janet because I cant send pictures to her work email) about my little hobby (pun intended).

This month I joined the MEKA (not sure what it stands for). Probably something like "Miniature Enthusiast Kingston Awesome". maybe... Anyway, this month one of the members did a tutorial on how to make a spiral staircase. I am still not done the staircase and like I have mentioned before, I have no house to put it in. The process is pretty simple. You just need some dowel and small cheap wood pieces and a friend with a drill.

Step one: (what you need)

What you need. Pieces of wood that look like this.
Step two: sand then paint or stain the wood pieces

staining my hands and my stairs
Step Three: (assemble) glue the little square piece to the bottom of the step and thread a dowel thought to connect two steps together.

assemble by over lapping one hole in the top stair with one hole in the bottom stair and connect them with the dowel. The dowel should be snug and not require any glue.

Almost done the dollhouse stairs

Another option would have been to leave 3" of dowel sticking out of the top acting as a "hand rail". I decided not to go for it, which is a serious doll safety hazard.
miter box
some touch ups
The nice thing is, I can always disassemble the stairs since I didn't have to use any glue. Except for the two support stick step. I ruined those step.

When I bought the stain ($9) I bought a $1.50 pack of 5 little wooden (~1inch x ~1inch) pieces of wood. I stained a few of them to make cute rustic cutting boards. 

I also stained some little square "cutting boards"
stained piece of wood for miniature food display


  1. just found your blog...searching for stairs!! I think you made my day! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love these stairs! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! :D

  3. man! i wish i had found this before christmas! we made a dollhouse for my daughter and had a hell of a time firguring out the stairs! great post!

  4. This is such a fabulous staircase! Thanks for sharing and especially for the easy 'how to' steps with pictures! I can't tell you how much easier it makes for us who are challenged (me) to see the pictures. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You saved me! This is what I really need. Thank you for sharing!


    i did it.... thank you... i wanted something rustic looking for my Tudor Doll house!!!!!!! I am chuffed!

  7. Could you please tell us the dimensions of the step and the wood block, and the diameter of the dowel you used? That would be very helpful. Thanks.



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