Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cutting Boards and Brisket

Miniature Brisket on Cutting Boards

Miniature Cutting Board

Step 1: Cut out some wood pieces with with a razor or a miter box. ( I think I used balsa or Basswood). Using a light weight wood is a good choice for magnet making. Nothing worse than a magnet that can not hold up a postcard... useless. 
Step 2: Cut out the rough shape of your cutting board. I use a scalpel and a blade for this.
Step 3: do some fine tuning. Smooth out the sides with a nail file and make some scores on the top of the board with the scalpel.
Step 4: Stain the cutting board. Using stain markers makes this really easy.
Its as easy as that. I bake polymer clay right on the cutting boards. I figure the smell of toxic polymer clay is already bad, why not throw in some paint fumes too. 
Miniature Brisket Platters
On my new cutting boards I placed some brisket, cornbread, white bread and tomato slices. I am having a problem with my white bread. Some of the yellow in the chalk bleeds through and stains the white part of the bread. I am not sure how to solve this problem. Maybe I will add in a little beige to the bred next time.

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