Brown Thrasher: I will describe this bird as sleek and very good at running away from me. Rust brown in color with a speckled tummy. He also likes posing for the camera while eating, how rude. Apparently this bird knows thousands of songs.  So it might be hard to identify by call. 
Brown Thrasher
Robin: If you cant identify this bird, you might as well just quit. The robins "song" is super annoying and sounds out of tune. Like a little kid playing a recorder and intentionally trying to annoy you.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker: (I think). I describe these birds as ones that can kill your brand new baby willow tree. Seriously, the tree almost died because of these guys.
yellow bellied sapsucker

Dove: If you think you hear an owl, it is probably a dove imposter. You can hunt and eat these fellows.....

sinister looking dove
Red Winged Blackbird: This bird is black and has red on its wing...
red winged blackbird
Common Grackle : This is the female. The males would not sit still!! Look for the yellow eye, blue-ish oil stain looking head (male) and the annoying quacking. Also knows as the Crackhoe in our home.
female common grackle

male grackle

 Oriole: orange orange orange. This is the first time I have ever seen one. He seems to be a fan of berries. I kept catching him eating my blackberries, completely unfazed by the "bird proof" netting.
Oriole in Ontario
Oriole on Wolfe Island, eating a spider web, or perhaps what is caught in it. 

Ruby Throated Hummingbird: The young birds seem so susceptible to predation. I just walked up to this little fuzz ball and snapped a bunch of pictures. I got boarded and walked away before it flew away.
baby ruby throated hummingbird
adult ruby throated hummingbird
Cedar Waxwing: Usually found in packs feasting on berries. Easily identifiable by its black mask and funny spiky hair due. Also if you can get a close look you will spot some yellow on its belly and tail and a little speck of bright red on its wings.
cedar waxwing
cedar waxwing eating a coniferous tree berry

Barn Swallow: this barn swallow got stuck in the barn. It kept hitting a window trying to escape. So my dad grabbed it and brought it outside. The barn swallow nests are really neat. They are made primarily out of mud (or so it seems) and they are stuck onto the wall forming a half nest shape.
young barn swallow
Barn Swallow

Chickadee: This adorable bird has a black cap and a white belly and cheeks. I always catch these little guys eating the moths and bugs out of spider webs.

Young Chickadee in Ontario

Grey Catbird: This beautiful grey bird has a cat sounding call!

Crow: A crow nest on top of a barn silo.


Pileated Woodpecker: This giant is freaky deaky. It is about the size of a crow and looks and moves like a horror movie cartoon. No wonder Woodie was based off of this guy. 
pileated woodpecker


Spotted Sandpiper:
Spotted Sandpiper

Eastern Kingbird:
Eastern Kingbird, Wolfe Island

Harris Hawk:  She works at the airport scaring away other less awesome birds. Harris hawks are not native to Canada. I am pretty sure Canadian birds of prey are highly protected. You are not allowed to own one or hunt them.

And that is me wearing a hideous shirt and I guess protecting my eye balls from her razor sharp beak.

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